There are many things that inspire children to want to start training martial arts; from TV programmes such as Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles or WWE wrestling to ‘real-life’ issues such as bullying or perhaps just wanting to keep up with friends who already practice a martial art.

But for parents, the choice of where to take your children and which martial art to learn can be a difficult one. The last thing any parent wants is to enter their child into what could potentially be a damaging, hostile, overly aggressive, ego fuelled environment.

At Gracie Barra Yeovil, we believe our Future Champions classes offer a number of benefits that will appeal to both parents and kids and which separate us from other childrens martial arts schools. We’ve outlined just a few below, but to get a really good idea of whether Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is right for your child just arrange a free session, more on that later….

Reason 1: The Gentle Art

If a child is being bullied, the natural reaction from parents and guardians is that “If they hit you, you hit them back!”.

This is often something we parents learnt for ourselves as children, or advice we wished we had followed but for the sweet, shy, caring child that is the victim of bullying this advice doesn’t help at all.

Children are (rightly) told by teachers that fighting is strictly against school policy and that serious consequences will follow any physical altercation between pupils. The child who is bullied is often the most likely to follow school policy and therefore, unlikely, to break such a serious rule.

At Gracie Barra Yeovil, we train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is known as the “Gentle Art”, Instead of teaching children to punch and kick, we teach our Future Champions how to safely avoid being victimised, how to restrain an attacker with minimal force whilst keeping both themselves and the bully safe.

The idea of safely and effectively dealing with physical confrontation can be a difficult one to envisage, that’s why we offer a Free Future Champions Session so you can find out first hand what we do.

Reason 2: Jiu Jitsu For Everyone

One of the motto’s at Gracie Barra Yeovil is “Jiu Jitsu for Everyone”. What we mean by this is that ANYONE can do jiu-jitsu. Regardless of age, size, gender, co-ordination, fitness or even disability. There are grapplers out there with one or more limbs missing – a truly inspiring sight!

We take pride in helping everyone improve their balance, coordination, flexibility and fitness, regardless of what level they start at.

With children being amazing little “sponges” of information they often pick up many of the moves much quicker than adults, plus they have the added benefit of childhood flexibility and energy. Ask any older grappler: we all wish we had started younger!

Reason 3: Boost Confidence

Following the last point; many of the moves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can seem quite unnatural or counter-intuitive. For most people the movements don’t come naturally. However, after only a few sessions kids soon begin to pick up these movements.

As we constantly have new Future Champions joining us, children soon see the progress they have made compared to the kids who have literally just started.

Often this can be huge confidence boost for youngsters (and adults!) who can soon see their incredible progress.

This is obviously in addition to the natural confidence boost that comes from learning a highly effective martial art such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Reason 4 A Positive Environment

Jiu Jitsu is one of the few martial arts that has a “lifestyle” associated with it. The very practice of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu itself teaches us to stay relaxed and focused under pressure. This helps children deal with difficult situations in day-to-day life including stress and anger management.

The Jiu Jitsu lifestyle is characterised by clean living and an easy going attitude without drugs, smoking, drinking, violence, sexism, racism or ego. As such the top practitioners (and even those at your local gym) all represent fantastic role models, arguably much better than those seen on TV and other sports.

Reason 5: Fun!

At Gracie Barra Yeovil, kids learn Jitsu through a series of “games”. A lot of the time they will be unaware of how the games will translate into self-defense. They only realise the connection later. Instead the kids are absorbed in the most natural thing for ANY child to be doing: PLAYING!

What’s more, the games are easily recreated at home. Once the bug sets in Mums, Dads, brother and sisters will all want to get involved. We have several families that already train together at Gracie Barra Yeovil!

As you can see, there are some great reasons as to why your child should train Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Barra Yeovil and these are just a handful.

Would you like to give your child the skill set of Self-Defence?

While providing them with a sport that develops their confidence, co-ordination and fitness?

Do you want to enroll them within a positive environment, with great role models?

And they get to have lots and lots of fun?

Then click the link below to claim your ‘Free Future Champions Session’