The Fundamentals Program

You Want To Get Fit? Hate Running and Don’t Enjoy The Gym? Want To Try Something New?

As a contact sport, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu delivers a very challenging, yet safe and caring environment that will help you to achieve your fitness goals. An individual can burn an excess of ‘1000‘ calories in just 90 minutes of training. Along with this, you will increase your flexibility and mobility as a result of training.

Do You Want To Move Better, Be Less Stiff And Have Better Mobility?

Along with the fitness benefits, training Jiu-Jitsu will increase your overall flexibility and mobility. Allowing you to be less stiff and move better in day-to-day life.

Have You Trained Other Martial Arts In The Past, But Weren’t Made To Feel Welcome, Or Didn’t Enjoy That Particular Style?

We have many students who have trained other styles of Martial Arts in the past, but did not enjoy that style of martial art, or are just looking to train something new and develop a different aspect of their game.

We know just how daunting entering a martial arts school can be, and have endeavoured to create a warm, welcoming and friendly team here at Gracie Barra Yeovil.

You Lack Confidence And Want To Learn How To Defend Yourself?

Through practicing Jiu-Jitsu, you will learn Self-Defence. Knowing how to defend yourself and your family against an attacker, along with the achievement of your fitness goals, will dramatically boost your self-esteem.

You Lack A Sense Of Belonging, Want To Be Part Of A Community And Team?

Human beings are fundamentally motivated by a need to belong. Training Jiu-Jitsu creates a strong bond between training partners, a brotherhood, that brings with it a sense of belonging and community.

The Program That Will Suit You Best

The Gracie Barra Yeovil ‘Fundamentals Program’ is designed to take people like you, with little or no previous experience and teach you the basic moves and core principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Along the way you will increase your fitness, flexibility and focus through committed training while also growing your confidence from learning Self-Defence.

Here at Gracie Barra Yeovil you will be welcomed in to the Team with open arms, allowing you to make great friendships in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment.

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