What an amazing afternoon we had with some many wonderful women at our first ever Ladies Only self defence seminar!

Our ladies only coach, Deborah, has a real desire to make self defence both fun and accessible to women in the Yeovil and Somerset area. She believes that it is such an important skill for everyone, but particularly believes that women should be able to feel empowered through learning simple and effective self-defence skills.

On Saturday the 22nd of June, Gracie Barra Yeovil was a fun, encouraging and safe place for ladies of all different backgrounds, stories, ages, and abilities to work together to better themselves and grow in confidence. Over the space of 2 hours we looked at a number of techniques, from grips breaking, to choke defence, and escaping bear hugs. We also spent some time looking at what to do if you ended up on the ground.

Many of the girls had specific questions coming from their own real experiences. Things that they have been scared could happened to them again, but now have the confidence that they could do something about it. And that is what this was all about! Coming together, working together, practicing in a safe environment, and walking out with more confidence, answers, and knowledge than you came in with.

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